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Want to know how to get a tan fast? Come to UVASUN, where we have 5 levels of sun tanning beds and booths, all of them suited to building your tan quickly. Our goal is to give you the deepest, darkest tan in the shortest amount of time. Sometimes that will mean that we recommend shorter and more frequent sessions. Sometimes that will mean a different type of lotion. Sometimes that will mean a different level of aftercare. We make these recommendations based on our training and above all, the prevention of sunburns. Learn more about the levels


The Copper level beds are our best value for "entry-level" tanners


These sunbeds generally perform 2-3 times stronger than our Copper level sunbeds and include facial tanners for better performance


 These beds and booths generally perform 3-5 times stronger than our Copper level sunbeds, allowing most users to build a nice base tan in just 3-4 visits


Sunbeds in our Platinum group are approximately 50% stronger than our Gold sunbeds -- most clients see great color on their first visit and achieve deep color in 2-3 visits


The sunbeds used in our Diamond Level are Future Sun systems - our deepest bronzing sunbed - used as our "finishing bed" to darken and intensify your color, resulting in a deep bronze glow up to 6 shades darker in a single session!


This bed does it all -- goes from "mild" to "wild" with your choice of variable UV spectrums, and incorporates the newest technology to provide collagen stimulation and tanning in one great package! 

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