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When it comes to sunless spray tanning (that is tanning without beds, bulbs, and bikini lines), Uvasun offers you two of the best solutions in the industry - Pura Sunless and Sunless Airbrush Tanning. The Pura system is the "Ferrari" of the Sunless industry, delivering quick results with fantastic color that lasts.



What is “automated airbrushing”? Well, we all know that the absolute best sunless tanning results re achieved by a knowledgeable spray technician with an airbrush gun. The Pura device utilizes 3 airbrush spray outlets to spray a gently defined and low-output mist onto the body in a very articulate pattern that achieves excellent coverage on legs, sides, and even the tops of feet – quite unlike the immediate blast of spray solution from the previous generation Mystic Tan booths that utilize an air compressor for high-pressure, high-output spray cloud that is simply meant to fill an enclosed booth with as much spray particles as possible, bombarding you with solution that lands everywhere. The Pura device produces some of the best airbrush results we’ve ever seen – without the technician.

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For the ultimate in sunless tanning, we recommend having one of our highly trained airbrush technicians custom airbrush your body with sunless tanning solution for a beautiful golden brown sunless tan. Our technicians will custom mix the sunless spray based upon your skin type and individual needs.

The entire process takes only 10-15 minutes, and whether you want your entire body airbrushed or just certain parts such as legs, this is the ultimate in sunless tanning. For even more spectacular results we recommend a Tanning Cocktail which combines a tanning session in one of our European Tanning systems immediately followed by an Airbrush Tan on the same visit. We also offer Organic based sunless solutions.

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